Sell in bunches. Save in bundles.

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A Loteda bag full of clothes

You put a lot of love into the clothes your kids wear. You sought them out, sized them up, matched them and cared for them. Now it’s time to get something back.

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How it works

A dress

Moms send us awesome, outgrown, but still fabulous kids clothes.

Stack of kids clothes

We shape them into lots — organizing them into groups by gender, size, style and season.

A lot

We style and photograph the lots, price them and then list them online. We also take care of all shipping and returns!

A sales tag

Moms get paid when their lot sells. And moms who buy get a season’s worth of clothes in a click.

Brands we like at prices you’ll love

Not all brands are created equal. Loteda is committed to selling the clothes you’ll love to see your wee ones wearing.